Episode 005 – Culture as a Value: An Overlooked Key to Profitability

Culture as a Value: An Overlooked Key to Profitability – Episode 005

One team, one dream! In this episode of The Digital Broker, Ryan and Steve focus on culture as a core tenet of success. The most profitable agencies ingrain accountability, teamwork, and innovation into their corporate fabric. Listen in to learn more about the best methods to build culture and the associated benefits of doing so.

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson has been a licensed independent agent for 30 years and is Executive Editor of The Anderson Agency Report (TAAR), a monthly newsletter dedicated to providing independent agents with the insurance technology information they need to manage and grow their agencies more effectively. He is also president of The Anderson Network, Inc. which was formed to help agents and brokers maximize productivity and profits using practical technology. Working as a manager and producer in two different independent agencies has provided him with a practical understanding of internal agency operations, marketing and sales management, and how an agency can most effectively use technology. He’s excited to share those insights on The Digital Broker podcast.

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