The Old Way May Be Good, The Indio Way Is Better

The Old Way May Be Good, The Indio Way Is Better

The Indio Way

Every established business eventually faces a decision… do we keep looking behind, doing things in the old, established ways, or do we adopt new ways to forge ahead? That decision may be forced upon us – by customer demands, market shifts, competitive pressures – or we may find ourselves so frustrated with how things work that we look for a better way. 

Here at Indio, we have found that there are 2 critical reasons why commercial insurance brokerages invest in solutions that will move them beyond the old ways they’ve used for decades and provide a more modern approach to completing insurance applications.

  • The need to improve the customer experience – especially during the application process
  • The need to increase productivity – doing more, faster, with fewer resources
“Price, product and superior claims service… are table stakes. Competitive advantage lies in delivering expected levels of customer experience and improving the effectiveness of distribution channels.” – Empowering Consumers And Agents; The New Basis Of Insurance Competition,  Newsweek 2018 – authored By Deloitte Digital, Salesforce, and Vlocity

Improving the customer experience

Let’s face it… the process of applying for business insurance can be painful for both brokerages and their clients.

For clients, the application and renewal experience is a lot like doing their taxes. They must:  

  • gather an array of business information from a variety of places
  • fill out forms that are often unfamiliar, complex, and sometimes downright confusing
  • spend valuable time on the phone, via email, and in-person asking questions and supplying information
  • sign form after form in preparation for submission

Brokers and account managers often try to protect their clients from all this, leading them to:

  • laboriously pre-fill applications to spare clients the effort and frustration of doing it themselves
  • spend valuable time on the phone, email, or in-person tracking down clients for a critical piece of information or signatures
  • grind through renewal forms trying to spot where things have changed
  • collect and package submissions and then round up key stakeholders to ensure that everything gets completed

The old way for insurance brokers

Bringing TurboTax-like simplicity and convenience to commercial insurance 

Just as TurboTax radically changed the consumer’s experience of completing and filing their taxes, Indio makes the process of applying for commercial insurance faster and easier – for both brokerages and their clients. 

Indio streamlines and simplifies the application and renewal process with features like:

  • a library of over 7,000 digitized intelligent forms that make it easy to enter data online via computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • automatically mapping data across multiple forms, reducing data entry keystrokes and the risk of errors and omissions
  • dynamically hiding and showing questions on forms based upon your client’s responses to reduce effort and confusion
  • robust e-signature capabilities that make it fast and easy to send, sign, and return forms, even from mobile devices
  • a rich collaborative environment designed to help brokers and their clients communicate and step through the application process faster and more efficiently. 

We created Indio to help eliminate the pain and frustration of completing and submitting applications, enabling you to deliver a better experience to your clients and empowering your team to spend more of their time-solving customer problems, building deeper client relationships, and generating new business.

Smart + Simple + Collaborative = Greater Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Replacing the old paper-based application process with online forms is just the start. Indio is a system of engagement designed to help you provide structure and guidance and communicate and collaborate with your clients throughout the application and renewal process, with features like:

  • an easy-to-follow guided step-by-step process
  • intelligent forms that adapt to show or hide fields based upon user input
  • integrated notes that enable you and your client to post questions and comments
  • automated reminders to keep clients on-track
  • online schedule notebooks to eliminate those manually managed spreadsheet
  • integrated e-signatures that make sending, signing, and returning forms a breeze
  • all built on a secure, mobile-friendly platform. 

By reducing the amount of time and effort your team spends on grunt work like pre-filling forms manually, reviewing renewal forms line-by-line for changes, or picking up the phone to track down a client for information, Indio gives them more bandwidth to focus on being valued consultants and partners to your customers and finding new business opportunities. Your clients will appreciate the speed and ease of use offered by moving a cumbersome paper-based process online and the ability to interact with you anytime, from anywhere, on any device. This translates to a more productive team and a more satisfied customer. 

Staying competitive and relevant in a commoditized world

Brokerages are rightly concerned that direct, online channels will displace them. At Indio, we believe that the most effective way to meet that threat is for brokerages to focus on what you do best: helping your clients navigate a complex, risk-intensive business environment by providing the coverages and counsel they need. Manually using paper forms and PDFs to gather information and follow-up activities such as phone calls, emails, and in-person visits to complete those forms won’t keep you competitive in a world where your clients expect a faster and simpler insurance experience. 

The time is ripe for a newer, better way – the Indio way. 

Indio Technologies

Indio provides insurance application and renewal software to automate the submission process among agencies, brokerages, insurers and the insured. The application provides a fully digital client risk capture and application experience by automating the data population across each individual, unique insurer application. In simplifying and accelerating the submission and renewal process, Indio enables agencies, brokerages, and insurers to create greater efficiencies and value while providing their insureds a digital customer experience.

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