How ‘Pleasanton Valley Insurance’ Creates A Happier Client Using The Indio Platform

PVI Group Quote

PVI Agency Background

Agency Challenge

Like all insurance agencies, PVI Group needs to collect information from clients and prospects to do their job. Every year, clients are required to fill out carrier supplemental applications in order for PVI Group to obtain a quote for them. PVI Group was looking for a way to make that process easier for their clients and for their internal staff.

“Our account managers and support staff were emailing clients an attached copy of last years insurance forms and applications that were filled out by hand and then attaching blank copies of the applications to be filled out for the new year. It was terrible having to force clients through this experience when everything else in their life today can be done from their phone,” said producer, Jake Billingsley. “We’d hear it all the time from clients. They would say, ‘You really want me to hand write all of this information? I don’t hand write anything else in my life.’”

PVI Group found that sending blank PDF applications and forms to their clients every single year could be enough to deter them away. “It sends a bad message to your client. It says that you think your time is more valuable than theirs and that you don’t care.”

Once their clients had finished filling out their insurance forms, they would need to sign the document and get them back to PVI Group. This created another major obstacle for their client.

“Even if the client was using a PDF fillable form, they would want to sign everything online but they couldn’t. We would have to wait for them to go back to their computer or go home later to print the forms, sign it by hand, scan it, and send it back via email.”

In addition to the negative experience created for their clients, processing handwritten applications also took a toll on PVI Group’s internal operations.

“When the client would fill information by hand, it would come back sloppy or answers wouldn’t fit into the spaces. Then some clients would scan the handwritten forms on a crummy scanner and our team wouldn’t be able to read the answers and information.”

Paper and PDF Applications

The Solution

PVI Group turned to Indio to improve their client experience and collect insurance data in a clean, digital format. They leveraged Indio’s database of 4,500+ digitally enhanced, online smart insurance forms and took advantage of Indio’s full e-signature solution, IndioSign. They’ve worked with Indio’s customer success team to implement the Indio platform into their application and renewal process to improve the entire operation.

“I didn’t know something like Indio existed. I’ve upgraded a lot of our systems but nothing in regard to gathering applications and client data. Indio was a great step for us,” said Jake Billingsley of PVI Group.

Auto-Populating Insurance Data

The Result

PVI Group can now provide their client’s an insurance experience on par with the rest of the digital world and as a result, applications are getting completed faster by their clients and coming back more complete.

“We can now provide a TurboTax like experience. Insurance is a very complicated thing that the majority of people can’t do, and Indio has found a way to make it possible for the average person to get their insurance done. We’re now getting applications back more complete. We can mark certain questions required and the client can’t submit their applications until they fill out those required questions.”

By moving their insurance application and renewal process into the digital world, PVI Group can now become more accessible to their clients’ needs.

“Indio has allowed us to become a more mobile agency. We can jump on a laptop or tablet with a prospect and knock out applications together.”

With Indio’s e-signature solution built right within the Indio platform, the days of PVI Group requiring their clients to print, sign, scan, and email documents are over.

“The e-signature functionality (IndioSign) is fantastic. For me to be able to attach a premium finance agreement or a quote that’s already done and just needs a signature is absolutely fantastic. The client can now sign it from their phone or computer and they’re done.”

Happy clients make for happy, healthy agencies, so the big test came when PVI Group had one of their large clients complete their insurance applications using the Indio platform:

“We had one of our large clients go through four applications using Indio and by the end, she said ‘That was awesome!’”

Ken Wohl

Ken Wohl is Head of Marketing at Indio Technologies. He's passionate and committed to empowering brokers/agents with the tools and information needed to stay competitive in the ever-changing insurance industry.

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